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Meet our team members at the following events.

Consensus & Construct 2019 - New York, NY
Meet BRITE at CoinDesk Consensus & Construct events - New York, NY

May 13-15 2019 in New York, NY

BRITE will participate in all sessions.

Meet our team, ask questions about Crowdinvesting, Digital Securities, Blockchain or anything else!

Event Information
Tokenized Assets - New York, NY
Meet BRITE at Tokenized Assets conference - New York, NY

May 12 2019 in New York, NY

Preparing for the tokenized future of assets and securities.

Meet our team, ask questions about Crowdinvesting, Digital Securities, Blockchain or anything else!

Event Information
Early Stage Capital Conference - Orlando FL
Meet BRITE at an Early Stage Capital Conference - Orlando FL

May 9-10 2019 in Orlando, FL

BRITE was selected to represent Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College at an Early Stage Capital Conference in Orlando, Florida.

We will have a booth and present on the stage.

Event Information

What we do

BRITE’S equity crowdfunding platform is designed to bring new possibilities to asset owners
as well as provide small investors access to asset classes previously reserved for the ultra-rich.

Problem Statement

STARTUP COMPANIES and growing businesses struggle raising capital for their projects and operations.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and fund management firms deny liquidity to their clients, locking in investments for a long period.

OWNERS of high value assets and collectible items cannot access equity in their assets without selling them or losing control.

Problem Statement

ACCREDITED INVESTORS cannot diversify effectively due to strict investment requirements such as long lock-in periods and high minimums.

SMALL INVESTORS don’t have experience in picking and evaluating complex projects or ventures, and they have limited time and capital. They prefer shorter investments and quick returns.

Value Proposition

REGULATED DIGITAL SECURITIES enable the tokenization of real-world assets, providing greater liquidity and wider markets.

The concept of fractional ownership combines all the assurances of officially registered assets with the liquidity of virtual markets.

OUR GOAL is to unlock the trillions of dollars of sleeping capital which exist by providing, through equity investment, wealth creating opportunities for all.

BRITE’S equity crowdfunding platform is designed to bring new possibilities to asset owners as well as provide small investors access to asset classes previously reserved for the ultra-rich.

Real Estate

BRITE connects small investors with commercial real estate, unlocking billions of dollars in sleeping markets.

Stock and Equity

BRITE helps startups and growth companies of all sizes organize crowdsale of their stock and equity, raising capital.

Multi-owner Assets

BRITE converts illiquid single owner assets into liquid, tradable multi-owner assets.

Our Research on Digital Securities

Latest news about Digital Securities, Asset Tokenization, Fractional Ownership and technologies that use Distributed Ledgers

401k is an Outdated Way to Plan for Retirement

Finding a good retirement plan is one of the most important financial decisions a person will ever make. Sadly, most people trust popular options, 401ks and traditional IRAs, for a lack of better understanding…

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Why Industry Leaders and Regulators Favor Compliant Private Blockchains

The lack of accountability and regulation in public blockchains continues to be an issue for their implementation by ethical companies. The transactions that are executed on them are irreversible and many users have already been…

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How Real Estate Companies Can Benefit From BRITE’s Crowdinvesting Platform?

Small investors have traditionally faced serious limitations when it comes to investing in residential real estate. The investment amount is usually large, which acts as a financial barrier for them…

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A Shift to Private Blockchains Signals a Bright Future for the New Technology

Initial Coin Offerings were all the rage during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom. Most of it was catapulted by the promise that public blockchains such as Ethereum could fuel new investment opportunities and ways…

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Digital Securities: What the Future Holds

Digital securities enable higher liquidity and fractional ownership, in addition to breaking of controls on the capital. It is safe to say that they are set to empower a truly free market because they are going to be the cheapest capital around…

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Top Management and Key Personnel

Kalyuzhnaya, PE, MBA

Co-Founder / CEO
Business Development


Alex Petukhov

Co-Founder / CTO
Blockchain Visionary


Jake Hartigan

CMO / Public Relations


Nik Suslin

Lead Developer
Software Engineer


Advisory Board

Peter McAlindon, Ph.D

Business Development
and Marketing


Andrew Slade

Strategic Development
US & UK Markets

James Fyffe

Certified Public Accountant
Business Compliance



With BRITE anyone, regardless of their income or wealth, can invest in private companies, startups, and ventures they believe in.

A few words about us

BRITE Investments, Inc. is a Delaware corporation operating a Crowdinvesting Platform ("BRITE") through which companies (Issuers) seeking to raise funds may offer and sell private securities in offerings exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") under Section 4(a)(6) thereof.

BRITE is a "Funding Portal" registered and regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to act as an intermediary that facilitates crowdfunding transactions for securities that being offered and sold under Title III of the JOBS Act of 2012, which allows "Regulation Crowdfunding.

BRITE is not a registered broker-dealer. As a funding portal, BRITE platform is a conduit simply connecting Investors with investment opportunities (Issuers), bridging them together.

Regulation Crowdfunding

Regulation Crowdfunding allows companies to raise capital by offering and selling securities through crowdfunding. Securities include but are not limited to a share of stock, a promissory note, a bond (debts), a convertible note, revenue shares, SAFE agreements, or any other financial instrument offered by an Issuer on BRITE platform.

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